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Vaalbara: Visions and Shadows by Michelle Horst

Title: Vaalbara: Visions and Shadows 
Author: Michelle Horst 
Pages: 325 (Kindle) 
Rating: 4.5/5 

Vaalbara: Visions and Shadows is a spectacular young-adult fantasy novel that combines danger, mystery, romance, and thrill into a fast-paced, action-packed book. Ms. Horst is a brilliant author who brings that magical land of Vaalbara to life bursting with vivid colours, images, and much more to meet the eye.

Aislinn Calder the main character is a beautiful sixteen-year old girl who sees herself as nothing more than an outcast doomed to live through the rest of her high school years alone - and maybe with her imaginary friend, Sid. Aislinn spends most of her time in the forest outside her adopted family’s home sketching a waterfall that haunts her dreams. The natural wonder flows around breath-taking scenery and landscapes in a forbidden land.

Life seems to be fairly normal for Aislinn until she meets Ryan Eames, a charming and handsome young man who immediately takes an interest her. A secretive young fellow, Ryan blows down all the barriers Aislinn has built and turns her world upside down. However, there is more to Ryan than he lets on. Shadowing the Earth plant is the ancient, secret world of Vaalbara. Raighne, aka Ryan is on a mission to retrieve Aislinn and bring her back to her homeland of Vaalbara where she can rightfully take her place as Princess Alchera. She will reign beside her two older sisters, Princess Alandra and Princess Fleur, and her brother, Prince Aurian under the watchful eye of their parents.

Time is at stake and the moment Alchera steps foot in Vaalbara, the clock starts ticking. The Earth is doomed to end and the existence of the entire human race depends on Alchera. She is destined to save ten humans and she will choose them from following her dreams. The Chosen will be saved from the crumbling planet and continue to live out their days in Vaalbara, where their skills will be honed for the next generation of man.

However, the journey that Alchera will have to take is not as clear as she thought it would be. Fate has set out a dangerous course that Alchera will have to face, one that will not only test her physical strength but also her endurance.

However, she will not be alone in this adventure. Alchera will have the assistance from Raighne and of course, her faithful sidekick, Sid.

The journey will be hard and tedious. Wills will be tested, but in the end, will it be enough?

Vaalbara: Visions and Shadows is a magnificent read and you will lose yourself in each detailed page. The characters and wondrous plot will keep you hooked until the very last, riveting word.

*book provided by author for honest review*

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